I was watching my FB wall when I stumbled upon a video of a college student burning her college sweatshirt. She was protesting against her college trying to cover her sexual assault case. I was appalled by the college's behavior because sexual assault is a very serious issue and should be dealt with immediately.

What it does

It provides resources to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. It provides the user with inspiring pictures and videos to help motivate the victim and encourage them to fight. It also provides the user with contact information to hotlines and other organizations that can further assist them. The web-app have a Google Map that pinpoints the user's location and show the local police stations and hospitals.

How I built it

I built it with HTML, CSS, JS, and Google Maps API.

Challenges I ran into

The concept of having the map using the user's current location to display nearby places was never created before. It took a lot of time and effort in order to create the code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After three months and assistance from my mentor who works at GitHub, I was able to successfully code the Google Map section of my web-app.

What I learned

I learned that I should never give up on a dream, not matter how hard the journey is to reach it.

What's next for HelpMe

I hope to extend it, so it can be used nationally and, some day, internationally.

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