“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people.” Once in a while, everyone feels the urge to help others but our laziness usually resists us from doing such noble deeds. Our app will act as a superconductor for the people.

Helpmate is an app whose main initiative is to empower society by interconnecting the Certified NGOs of the nation with the public and the other NGOs, also providing a helping hand to the budding NGOs. It provides users with an interface where NGOs represent themselves, interact, and coordinate with the other NGOs and volunteers. By doing this not only do we strengthen their connections but also increase their range and capabilities.

This app is user friendly and interactive. It provides complete transparency about donations and transactions.

Helpmate comes up with the following options :

  1. NGO directory- Contains the details of the NGOs associated with the app.

  2. NGO events- Keeps the track of all the past, present, and future activities.

  3. Connect - Provides an opportunity to collaborate with other NGOs.

  4. Donate- Provides a safe and secure payment gateway to users.

  5. Accounts - Keeps the track of transactions made by the users.

Future endeavors include expanding our vision in the healthcare sector. (specifically in organ and blood donation) and providing a better service to the users.

So now you have the power to contribute to the big change. So we hope you will join us and be a HELPMATE!

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