We were inspired by the current trend of utilising technology to inform and aid the public both during and after disasters, and therefore decided to create a system which could provide all the information needed.

What it does

The system collates several key pieces of information, including: the site of the disaster, twitter feeds, facebook feeds, news feeds and relevant emergency numbers. Once this information is gathered, the solution displays them in a cross platform friendly format.

How we built it

We assembled Helplink using HTML, Javascript, PHP, Twitter, RSS and MySQL.

Challenges we ran into

Our primary challenges were dealing with the latitude and longitude provided by geocoder from Google Maps, utilising several functions of the Google Maps API simultaneously and finding a database to store emergency numbers for each location. Ultimately, we decided to create our own database using MySQL.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Several of our team members were unfamiliar with Javascript and HTML, but ultimately persevered to provide a working project.

What we learned

We learned Javascript, HTML, working with APIs, teamwork and effective work distribution.

What's next for HelpLink

The next stages are improving mobile support, adding extra location dependent functionality and improving the aesthetic.

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