The personal experience of us and our friends unconsciously wasting food has inspired us to look into technological solutions such as mobile apps, to help address the behaviour gap between perception and reality.

What it does

Our app supports the user to manage their food more effectively so that they produce less waste. It is designed to be simple to add data and will provide useful reminders, hints, tips and recipes. There are rewards from sponsors, as well as being able to grow a tree with your good efforts.

How we built it

As a team, we carried out research, discussion and design. We created users and use cases and utilised tools such as Mural to collaborate. We looked into existing technologies such as google apis and created Appery wire frames, react prototypes, high level architectural designs and a final POC in react-native.

Challenges we ran into

During our research we found a very crowded market and needed to find a way we could add value with our app. It was hard to narrow down our specifications. There were technical decisions to be made, with consideration to time constraints. Overall, as a team, it was a bit harder to hack remotely than our experiences before as we missed getting heads in a real room, and being able to see body language but we found ways to work around this using technologies such as Mural and video chat.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing the video has been an amazing collaborative experience and we are delighted at how we have come together as a team to deliver a viable end product which we are proud of. Tech wise we managed to connect to a real google api for the first time.

What we learned

The Athena videos and workshops have been informative, some of our favourites are gamification and food waste. Our consumer research has shown that there are many solutions already available but until you are able to tap into the unconscious customer behaviour their lifestyles will not change. We believe that our app will enable this. Being time bound creates a more focused development process that has enabled us to deliver.

What's next for Eat Smart

Once the initial app is launched there are many new revenue streams above and beyond advertising and reward vouchers.

  • Tie ins with supermarkets to make it easier to add fridge items from shopping
  • Potential for home delivery companies bringing missing ingredients
  • Smart fridge freezer tie ins
  • Collaborate with chefs over recipes
  • Extend to long-life foods
  • We can expand the list of push notifications to add users ideas and experiences and start a community

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