Helping Hand

The Story

Helping Hand is a full-stack web solution that enables seamless donations to homeless people without smartphones/laptops. Powered by a Node/Express + PostgreSQL backend and a React frontend, Helping Hand utilizes a physical QR code printout that is distributed to the homeless. This QR code is their wallet, and can collect donations simply by having a passerby (a Giver) scan their QR code. Once the homeless person (which we call Receivers) has enough funds, they are able to visit a participating Helping Hands merchant (for food, clothes, etc.) and redeem their donation funds. We are particularly proud of the inclusivity and accessibility that our app provides.

Key Features:

  • No installation necessary: We use a progressive web-app to avoid the headache of native app installation
  • Studies show that PWA's are far better for engaging audiences
  • Automatic and immediate unique QR code generation
  • Instant transaction and donation updates via PostgreSQL
  • Elegant React client
  • Loads of error handling
  • Async/Await usage

Next Steps:

  • Integrating Credit Card API and/or PayPal
  • Implementing QR code recovery system



Live Demo

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