There are a variety of students in each class, and it isn't possible for the teacher to cater to every single one of them individually. So, we built HelpingHand as a tool for the teacher, to help her better teach the visually impaired or even keep the intellectuals stimulated.

How it works

The project has three parts.

The first being the real time whiteboard. It's function is to transcribe everything that it sees on the whiteboard to text.

The second being the text to speech engine, which helps visually impaired students to follow the class better. This engine is also capable of reading books in a manner which allows to students to understand their class better.

The third being the processing, which processes the transcribed information to give a result useful to the teacher.

Challenges we ran into

Streaming Audio and making tesseract understand handwriting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Image Processing is not easy.

What's next for HelpingHand

Integration with evernote so that students do not have to make extensive notes about what is written in class.

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