Our Inspiration for this project really sparked as we were coming to the event. As we traveled on Bart and walked through the city we saw many homeless people and also many people ignoring them or just walking around them as if they were just an object or obstacle in their way. This really made us realize how little people care for the other people who don’t have it as easy in life.

What it does

In this project we simulate how it is to be a homeless person asking for help or just greeting another human being. You (The User) are a homeless man/woman sees two people walk by. The first passerby completely ignores you and doesn't even acknowledge you. This will make the user feel a little sad and realize the fact that homeless people are people too. The second person who will pass by will greet you and even give you some money. This kind act will make the user feel happy and then realize what a homeless person actually feels like in real life so that next time they run into a homeless person in real life they will at least say hi or maybe even think about helping them out.

How we built it

We used Unity to code basically the whole entire project. We used templates of people from Adobe Mixamo to get premade and well done templates for the characters we featured into our build. We also downloaded some moving features from the same website to show the characters walking. We even tested the VR factors and got them to work.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning three out of four of our group mates didn't know anything about Unity at all. We watched tutorials, listened to the guest speakers, and got assistance from the super friendly staff who were always ready to help. Some of the textures for the people templates didn't load correctly initially and we were confused on how to get them to work. Eventually we got it to work by lots of trial and error and found out the best way to add the textures. The biggest challenge we faced though was getting the characters to move like a normal human being. We had to get three separate staff to help us include these features. Eventually after and hour we got it down and finally mastered the art of using templates in Unity.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

To simulate the area in which our experience takes place we made our own city complete with roads and buildings. We are proud of how the city turned out in the end. Another thing we are all very proud of was getting the templates to work since initially we had trouble working with them. We felt that it was a huge milestone for us as new Unity coders. Some of us were worried we would not finish it in time.

What We learned

All in all the three of us who didn't know how to use Unity learned how to use it and the other one of us learned how to convert a game or simulation from unity into VR.

What's next for Helping the CommUNITY

To grow, we would like to make the program more immersive with more user interactions and more pedestrians in the street. As this would be more lifelike we feel that would produce more concern for homeless people and their condition will be the result. From being the outcasts of our community, we can reintegrate them and help them better their lives. Basically our end goal is to get people who usually don’t think about the homeless, to next time actually take the time to talk to them or help them out because they themselves would know what it would be like to be ignored.

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