Our inspiration sprung from when we were brainstorming on ideas to help solve Covid-19. We then branched out into hospital finance issues and decided to start at that point.

What it does

This website lets Hospitals request supplies and funding from around the world. Then we will process these requests and manually add the location of the hospital on the users maps and be referenced on the map as an area to donate to. This will allow the user to know what hospitals in their area need supplies and funding so the user can donate.

How we built it

We started off with a website with a navigation bar that had multiple functions and links you could go through. Using the topics, we then started to design the pages inside and what functions they would hold.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we came across when building the project was creating the map and pinpointing the coordinates of hospitals, another challenge was getting into a running start.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The map was a hard challenge that was persevered through and coming up with an idea for the project.

What we learned

I was inexperienced with web design and learned HTML and CSS functions through references and having my teammate teach me.

What's next for Helping Medical Soldiers

We want to make the requests more automatic and able to have an actual area where you can ship/send money to the hospitals directly. We would also like to add an area to pre-locate hospitals all over the world and bring that information directly to the user, but that would take days of work. Finally, we would like to create a space where users can request help from hospitals for medical aid.

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