The pain we found is not being able to find and keep track of the volunteering opportunities we participate in. We are both members of Greek life at Stevens and part of our responsibilities as members is to give back to our community. Tracking service hours proves to be difficult at times, so we wanted to streamline this process.

What it does

The landing page describes the purpose of the site, directs users to the appropriate dashboard, and shows the community service opportunities that "have used our site." The volunteer dashboard shows the volunteer his or her upcoming and past volunteering experiences. The dashboard for the organizations leads to a form to submit a request for volunteers and then to their dashboard of all of their events and the volunteers at their events.

Challenges we ran into

Time was a challenge we faced for accomplishing full functionality of our site. Since another team had such a close topic, it was easy to focus on what makes our product different, in hopes that they would be able to be merged at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a functional website is something to be proud of! It's responsive, which was much easier to learn now, than it was Freshman Year. APIs are not that hard to use either!

What we learned

We had so much fun participating in this Hackathon. There was a lot of learning for both of us. Neither of us had used any APIs before so it was awesome putting a map in our site.

What's next for Helping Hoboken

We would hope to be able to further integrate the Google Maps API to enable users to click on a tag on the map and for it to link to directions to this location. We would also add a dashboard for club supervisors to gain access to the reports of its members. We feel like we designed a product that can help Hoboken become an even more awesome place to live in.

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