Covid-19 and the resulting phyiscal problems is on everyone's lips. Health care systems all over the world are hitting limits or already exceeded them. One Problem which still gets little attention though is on how the current situation is influencing our psyche. Helping heroes tries to help people with these psychological problems by providing them a platform where they can find the help they need.

What it does

We are building a solution which enables «first responders» and other system relevant personnel on the front lines against the pandemic, to receive psychological, physiological & spiritual services to alleviate stress & fatigue.

How we built it

step by step explanation of what we did:

  • observation & data collection
  • frog method (random/ alternative/ provocation)
  • democratic voting
  • topic research
  • potential ideation
  • ideation description
  • choosing topic (democratically)
  • 7w questions of value generation
  • proto-personas/ SME validation/ iteration/ validation
  • user journey (current)
  • wireflow (analogue)
  • wireframing (digitally)
  • scaffolding & tech setup

Challenges we ran into

  • getting close to in field users (via subject matter experts it was possible)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Bringing together user requirements, tech development and design

What I learned

Follow the user feedbacks

What's next for helping heroes

  1. we will commence to build the web app
  2. we test with users and roll out the web app

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