We were inspired to create this app due to the tremendous impact the pandemic has had on several societies' mental health states, so we created a small website that allows a person to submit whether or not they would like support by talking to someone or being alone for a bit.

What it does

It displays the people in a small community who have submitted their surveys in and allows for those who know them to know whether they need help, how to help, and the necessary steps forward. This allows for others around the person to aid in the way that will be most beneficial.

How we built it

This website was built using HTML, Javascript, and CSS and is hosted on Qoom.

Challenges we ran into

We started to run out of time but we managed to pull through. The Javascript was also difficult to learn. I also started with learning tkinter with Python but later did not end up using this knowledge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We linked together 3 different pages and created a pretty UI.

What we learned

Qoom does not like PHP or mySQL to our knowledge.

What's next for Helping Hearts

To continue integrating the Javascript in order to expand on the profiles we began in the gallery.

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