We attended TJHSST, a magnet high school in Northern Virginia. TJ fosters a rigorous curriculum giving its students the opportunity to pursue advanced fields of STEM ranging from machine learning to neurobiology. Although TJ’s curriculum is beloved by its students, the classes can oftentimes overwhelm students by making mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies prominent at our high school. In an effort to bring awareness to mental health and encourage individuals to seek help and cope, we created HelpingHearts - a website in which individuals can journal and reflect on their day, submit quotes, tips, and stories that may help others, and learn about ways to seek help. We publish their quotes, questions, tips, and stories in weekly emails which allows individuals to connect to the community and learn about other mental illnesses. By fostering a safe environment, HelpingHearts allows its users to truly express their emotions and learn about supporting themselves and others.

What it does

With Helping Hearts, we provide people with a safe space to share their thoughts in an anonymous way, along with resources on how to cope with mental health issues and how to help other people. They can share their personal experiences, ask questions, and give tips to other people. People can also sign up for weekly emails where anonymous messages, motivational quotes, and tips are shared!

How we built it

We used a website called and googled some simple website examples to create our website. For things that we did not know how to code, we looked at resources that had information on those topics. This allowed us to learn a lot more about html.

Challenges we ran into

In addition to us not knowing html, there were many more challenges that we encountered, overcame, and learned a lot from in this hackathon. One of the hardest things that we had to do was coming up with a format for the website, and the different features we were going to offer. To solve this problem, like my teammate mentioned, we used simple website examples and brainstormed several solutions.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Prior to this hackathon, we had no experience coding in html, however with the workshops provided and the many resources on the internet we were able to get a good understanding of html. Moreover, we are also proud that we created a way that people can help each other and share their thoughts in a more secure way possible.

What we learned

We learned how to code with html and how websites are built.

What's next for Helping Hearts ---TecHacks

With our platform established, the next step for us is to introduce our tool to the world. Once people start using our platform, we can expand even further. In the future, we plan to host anonymous chat boxes and post various de-stressing activities on our website (e.g. fun games and events).

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