The Helping Hands Bra is a collaboration of experienced nursing and pumping moms, lactation experts and dedicated mechanical engineers. With the idea that nursing moms deserved more than just suction based lactation tools, we designed a sturdy, easy to clean, minimal parts, hands free compression bra. Our starting inspiration from real moms, like us (5 out of 8 on our team are experienced nursing mothers) combined with personal stories of moms all over the United States highlighted an underserved market. Moms looking to increase milk supply pumping, or feeding, and moms with over supply needing plugged duct/mastitis treatment and relief are using the same techniques- breast compression and massage.

Using a simple motor to inflate and deflate quilted soft bead filled compartments, in a concentric ring pattern over all the milk storage and compression tissue, the milk is gentlyly and comfortably moved forward to be removed by baby or pump. The beaded compartments are inflated and deflated using a simple pump, and the compression is helped by a network of drawstring supported elastic. Comfortable, warmable, light-weight, easy to clean, makes this an innovative solution to a myriad of common breastfeeding challenges.

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