The whole world is going through a tough phase during this COVID pandemic. People are suffering due to the loss of their jobs, not being able to perform their daily activities, and some due to depression.

Inspiration comes in many ways. Our motivation for this project is that we want to contribute something to this society. I know a lot of young minds who want to help people in their community but could not do it due to social distancing measures.

So we bring forward our website where people from within a county/state can post their requirements and any willing volunteer can take up the task to help needy.

What it does

Helping Hands website allows anyone to register through the website and post their requirements.

For example, I am an immunocompromised person, and going out to buy groceries puts me in danger of contracting the disease. So instead I will seek help through the Helping Hands website and post my requirement there.

Myra from our community is a young college girl who wants to help people in her society. When she logins into our website, she sees the feed where all the tasks from her county are posted. She sees that someone needs help in buying groceries which she is able to do. So will take up those tasks which gets added to her tasks tab.

Now she can communicate with the person who posted the task and help her.

How we built it

We built a website using React as front end, Flask as backend, and Postgresql as our database.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time to build a full-stack project and we were completely unaware of React frontend and how to establish connections from front end to backend and build a whole project. So learning in a short span of time and building a whole project was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete MVP with the necessary features within the deadline.

What we learned

Along with the new technologies that we worked with, we learned that doing a project that we really care about is the driving force to complete a task.

What's next for Helping Hands

There's a lot more features that we are planning to add in the next versions of the project.

Features at present

  1. Feed tab where all the posts can be seen.
  2. Ask for the help tab where anyone can post their requirements within a deadline.
  3. My tasks tab where the tasks you have chosen to volunteer are visible.
  4. Sign in, Sign up, Signout, Reset password, Update profile features.

Features for next release:

  1. Add messaging feature to our website where volunteer can directly chat with the person who posted the task.
  2. Add Volunteer rating features where people can thank the volunteer for their help. This will encourage volunteers in helping more and gain recognition in their community for their good work.
  3. Complain or blocking members to keep creeps out of our website.
  4. Provide badges for volunteers if they reach certain number of tasks.
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