I got the idea of this website when I was having an important interview and I needed help in preparation from more experienced software engineers I tried to reach for some well known and experienced software engineers in my region asking for help and they were very helpful and supportive. I never thought these people were going to help me and I never thought I can get this much of help from strangers.

What it does

This website connects people who needs help with people who offers help. You can request help in a particular subject with a description and people who can help you will reach out for you. Same if you're the one who is offering help, you can post what you can do for others.

How I built it

I built it with Node JS, EJS, Mongodb Atlas.

Challenges I ran into

I worked alone which was hard for me, as I didn't have much free time and I had a lack of experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to build this website even although I had no experience in Node JS or Mangodb.

What I learned

I learned about Mongodb and Mongoose, how to use Mongodb Atlas, how to build websites using Node JS and EJS

What's next for Helping Hands

1) I could use Geo location to help people connect easier it will be easy with Geojson in Mongodb. 2) Chat between people who requested help and people offered help for them. 3) Email notification for people to notify them if someone needs their help or someone offered help for them. 4) More search filters.

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