Inspiration is bill gates, when i see bill gates in youtub or intagram they are very rich but he is working for our humanities and for people. So i also want to not rich with money but people who love me and thanking for my Website or app .

What it does -i want make a Website first than i will do app for convenience so i want to help who are in any problem like crimes (rap ,rubbed, accident).i want to make Website when any victims will ragister Website where one voice recognizing system will be there if that people will be any problem like rap ,accident and any some related problems than voice sensor will sense the situation and send request to help and give the map to neatest people to help them and save them and this information will be also supply to polish for accident sport locations to help them and i also give rewards that people for help them.this will give our world crime less or healthy world .

How I built it

I will do it front page by using html or css codeing and for backend i will do code java and javascript and for voice sencing i will do code c#

Challenges I ran into

I wanna take time to proper time and gain good knowledge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My knowledge and my work

What I learned

I learnt if do you want to safe you son or grandsons than i have to work for world and i have to think for future

What's next for helping hand

I have to do more research about networking systems and India law

Built With

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