Matching "I can help with supermarket shopping" with "I need help as I'm isolating" Get the word out quickly and efficiently using Facebook Messenger, which pings up a message on peoples phones instantly & has a 95% open rate (email has a 20% open rate). It is designed to work in with existing communities by hooking up volunteers through a communities existing Facebook page "Send Message" button, and off the website. It also allows an easy flow from simple Facebook ads that say "X Organisation is able to help". The website is visible at: Because this is live and being tested by a church, please only send to the ZZZ-test only category. Other categories will not save. To view the unlocked version, go to: which drops cookies to allow the SVC church to display.


With many self isolating, the worst thing they could do is go to the supermarket because they don't know anyone. But so many people don't know anyone that could help them, or feel embarrassed to ask.

What it does

A facebook ad asks if you can help someone. You go to Facebook Messenger and select from "supermarket shop and drop", "conversation with someone in self isolation", "courier a package from A to B"

How I built it

Using Facebook Messenger instead of email, this gets in front of people quickly. A simple one button response allows you to sign up. Others are notified quickly and you have your response within minutes.

Challenges I ran into

Facebook Messenger has APIs and these need to be called and connected to, even in a development environment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using the new Notify Me function in Messenger means less cost of txt messages.

What I learned

From testing with my church, I found an additional request, to allow someone who is planning to shop, to reach out to others in the area, and ask them if they'd like up to 6 items as a top up.

What's next for Helping Hand

Expansion of categories, specifics on where/when/contact details.

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