Inspired by automation for cause agenda of the power up automation competition.

What it does

It helps to automate migration process, email advertisement, database management and appointment scheduling of a NGO

How we built it

we made a ui using angular 2 , microservice using springboot and database in postgres. we connected ui and database through microservice than we created four bots using uipath resuable components to execute vairous processes of the ngo. Migration bot: to help to migrate data from excel to db via ui. email automation bot: to advertise the patients to the hospital based on location match and receive appointment from hospital and update track db.

Challenges we ran into

connecting ui to database writing reuseable uipath code understanding ngo process coding for some beneficial processes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we created something which can help people for quick appointment in hospitals and can be burden reliever for ngo's.

What's next for Helping Hand( NGO work automation Bot)

In future it can be very helpful for quick processing of patient request, keeping track of their requests, amount spend on each patient, keeping count of ngo treasury and keeping it updated with debits and credits.

Built With

  • angular2
  • springboot
  • uipath
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