Our team is We're Only Here For The Food, which is an open division in UHack 2017, our team consists of two current university students (Kyle Waite and Danielle Buasai), one high school student (Hector Kidd) and one parent (Sudawan Kidd). Our idea is to help change the shocking amount of homeless people in our state. According to ShelterTas.org, 1 in 300 Tasmanians are homeless, with domestic violence and lack of affordable housing being the main causes. In 2015/2016 homelessness services assisted just under 8,000 Tasmanians alone, and here is our proposal to solve this dilemma.

PIN TAS (People In Need Tasmania) are a non-profit charity organisation who aid people in need through the means of food. This provides us with an opportunity to build trust, respect and loyalty with those in need, resulting in stronger communities and a decrease in discrimination and stigma surrounding the disadvantaged. It is also a chance for those people to be given a second chance where they normally wouldn't have the opportunity.

Our inspiration came from our team name 'We're Only Here For The Food', which we expanded on, looking into areas of food wastage, especially from supermarkets. We wanted to find a solution to the amount of food wasted, and we turned our focus to how we can help those in need. By asking supermarkets, farmers, etc, for their produce that won't sell (i.e. produce that has blemishes causing it to be ignored compared to food that looks better), or food that is going to be thrown out even though it is still perfect for consumption, we can use that to either be cooked and provided at places such as parks or community centres, or can be given to people who just need a bit to get by. We can work with the suppliers, also finding support from businesses, farmers, and other organisations, and use that assistance to work as best we can to support people in need and also the volunteers who would be aiding us. Volunteers will lend a hand by cooking the food, driving the food vans, or serving the food to anyone who needs it. The positives of aiding those people in need is helping ease their hunger, and by them not needing to steal food, we reduce rates of shoplifting and thus increase local business revenue.

Key activities of our organisation would include food vans, driving to the designated food areas, events we will hold to raise money and awareness, and visiting schools to talk to the students to provide insight into what it is like to be living on the street.

Printing flyers and handouts for advertising both the website and areas our food vans will be situated at, fuel to drive the food around and maintaining the vehicles, and developing and maintaining the website are the main three cost factors in PIN TAS. Our funding will come mainly from donations, both regular and irregular, and also events we will hold, advertising on website, and social media.

The website works better compared to an app in many ways. It is easier access for those people who will be using our website, as some would not have a phone or device to be able to use the app. It is simply designed and easy to navigate, the tabs being clearly labelled. There are two main sections. 'Need help?' is where people in need can find locations the food vans will be and the dates and times, as well as ways to find people to talk to. 'Can you help?' is a section where people can register to volunteer their time and support, or where they can donate money or food. There is also a frequently asked questions section, and an events page.

We hope to be a positive change in the lives of those who need us.

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