We would like major gaming corporate companies to help charities as they possess a platform which can be reached to millions of people

What it does

A game used to encourage gaming users to donate through completing levels. Depending on your score through the companies sponsor the charity gets a donation

How I built it

Using Xcode , Swift and photoshop. We used constraints so the character doesn't go out of bound Added different screen for various levels Used gaming features like sprite sheets Used a coin system and added arrays for the falling objects

Challenges I ran into

Finding the appropriate animation of the character in motion Objects falling out of bound main character gets stuck within the boundaries Falling objects didn't fall correctly (either too fast or at odd times)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working game that's both appealing and functional to all types of users Learned something new where we challenged to get it working within 24 hours

What I learned

Mobile Computing, writing working code in swift and using Xcode

What's next for Helping Charities Through Games

We thought of enhancing the accessibility so that it could reach to more people and/or with disabilities. We thought of ideas such as voice recognition to navigate around the application and adding different language translation so that we can aim at bigger market.

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