A helpful chat bot for the students of the Rutgers-New Brunswick community.

The future of Microsoft is chatbots. So as we look forward to the future of User Experience and the "Conversational User Interface," I thought I'd help Rutgers make the leap forward.
As an homage to the famous Rutgers App, I've created a Rutgers chat bot that can serve the various needs of the student population here at Rutgers through a dead-simple chat interface that is accessible through their phone's SMS, the web and some of their favorite communication apps (Slack, Skype, GroupMe, etc....NOT Facebook).
This first prototype, although dreadfully limited in scope to simple transportation service, manages to be robust and innovative in that it puts a useful new twist on the classic waiting game/headache-in-the-making that is the Rutgers-New Brunswick transportation system. Rather than just tell you when the next buses are coming, it thinks about the actual schedule of class periods on each of the different campuses and gives you advice on when to leave in order to get to your destination and avoid traffic (both vehicular and foot) if possible.
Say hello to Helpful Henry, the new personal assistant of Rutgers-New Brunswick students!

To test on your local machine, download this tool ( and ensure that you have npm installed and "npm --install" the following modules into the same directory as app.js: "botbuilder" and "restify"

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