I wanted to make a place where people could share there knowledge and learn from others.

What it does

What my web app does is it allows you to create and read other peoples post (guides). It is easy to start creating/viewing guides, all you have to do is create an account.

How I built it

I built it with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Firebase

Challenges we ran into

A great challenge for me was getting the profile image to work. every time I tried different methods but they would not work. Some times the URLs where really long < 1,000,000. I also ran into the challenge with setting up the UI because the UI was not functioning properly.

Accomplishments that you are proud of

I am proud of completing the app and finding the solutions to the challenges I had.

What we learned

I learned that when ever you get stuck keep researching because eventually you will find the answer.

What's next for Guides

I will keep working on the app later on because it will help me enhance my coding skills.

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