Almost every week, I have to run to my grandfather's house to help him perform a 2 minute task on his computer. As much as I love spending time with him, teaching the elderly or the young to use a computer is tedious. Also, as a cyber security major, I have watched my peers fall victim to hacking and scamming.

What it does

Guides inexperienced computer users through basic functions of computers while teaching them how to manually use it.

How we built it

We used HTML5, CSS, and Javascript in conjunction with Electron in Visual Studio Code.

Challenges we ran into

-Designing with tricky HTML and CSS elements -Integrating several different programming languages a single app -Constructing a list of difficulties inexperienced computer users might experience -Setting up a consistent collaboration environment between 4 different devices and operating systems

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Creating over 30 different HTML, CSS and Javascript files to build a network of pages for the app -Understanding the difficulties experienced by less tech savvy internet users -Collaborated smoothly on one project between several different computers and operating systems

What we learned

As a group, we all learned how to collaborate on one project working together to produce one final result. More specifically, Albert and I had some prior knowledge of web app development. We used our time to touch up on our current knowledge while learning some new skills and techniques to make the development cycle more efficient. Kenny and Connor, on the other hand, have more experience with backend development. They used this time to learn what it's like to develop for frontend while learning the structure of web development.

What's next for Helper Guide

As for the future of Helper Guide, we plan to continue development in the future. Our group all goes to the same school, so we can introduce our web app to our programming club to influence further development.

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