It's Lockdown and Authorities have declared Lockdown everywhere. But some people are not following it and must be punished. But How? They never get caught! Here we brought an app where anyone can report any evidence of Enforcement Violation in the City of Kentucky. We need to create space i.e. maintain social distancing. hence the name, HelpMaintainingSpaçe

What it does

Whenever any person comes across any violation or misconduct during lockdown he/she may open the app and lodge a compliant there. This complaint will include name, location, phone number, Image as Evidence. Whenever a compliant is lodged, The Police Authorities will get an Email containing all information about the report lodged.

How I built it

First I tried React to handle the frontend but it didn't work and caused multiple issues. I then headed over to Zoho to do the same work and it was really working perfect. I used Twilio API to make Emails.

Challenges I ran into

I tried using React to create UI but it didn't integrate with the app and created more and more issue. So I had to drop the idea of integrating app with react which wasted a lot of time. Twilio API was really a hard but to crack and I had almost lost all hopes to continue app further.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it finally the app worked. The Email service finally started to work and I came to know a lot about twilio.

What I learned

It was first time I was making use of Twilio and Zoho. Both of the things were new for me and that was really an exciting event

What's next for HelpCreateSpace

I will continue the app development further to integrate the app with Twilio SMS and Voice service for that, I need some more time.

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