The desire to support SMEs and local charities affected by the Covid-19 lock down which translated directly into smaller - if not none - revenues and donations.

What it does

HelpCent connects consumers to small local businesses and charities, the very same way, AirBnb connects consumers to small private accommodation providers. HelpCent offers three donation products: vouchers meant to be redeemed as business gets back to usual; rounding up change for a set amount of time and with a limit of money accrued; and Buy2Help which enables to purchase directly what SMEs and charities need.

How we built it

Through a lot of work from a very dedicated team using tools like vue.js and firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Finding front end developer, simplifying user experience roadmap and DNS, why! DNS :))

What we learned

To bridge different talent and ways of working effectively across countries and time zones and how amazing people can be when they have a common good cause!

Accomplishments I’m proud of

Team set up in less than 12 hours with talent from four different countries, namely US, Israel, Netherlands and Belgium. Conducted quantitative market research within 12 hours. Finalized business plan with detail to target consumers, revenue streams, cost structures and business value proposition.

What's next for HelpCent

To be able to become the platform connects small local businesses and charities with their local customers and supporters and empower local communities.

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