Why Dementia

An estimated 131 million people will suffer from Dementia. The cure has not been known. The only way to survive is with care. As a person who has witnessed a family member suffering from Dementia in my own family, i know how important is the care. But Caregiving is a difficult task. Repeated Questions. Repeated Medication. Face Identification Error. Everything about caregiving is a tough task. A problem awaits for the people asking the same question again and again. reminding them of medicines.reminding them of duties to be performed. The only care to Dementia is true care. Our approach is to give the care. Mostly Digitally.

The Three Steps to Digital Care Giving for Dementia

1 Care through continuous engaging conversation.

2Care through ansewring questions that are repeatedly asked.

3Care through asking them question when they feel uneasy.

Digital Assistant - Can it be a Companion

We are using Alexa to solve some of the repeated problems that makes the caregivers a little anxious and irritated. Bringing the first of the three steps process . Based on the styudy of Neuroepidemiology , designed a three skill program for Dementia Digital Care. - AskCare.It activates all the three skills all together. AskCare first activates the list of all questions that the patient normally asks. Once loaded with the set of questions, Alexa will answer all the queries if it finds a match Then comes the second option of using Alexa as a reminder for medicines. Once the roster of medicines is uploaded, Alexa reminds the medicine dosage and time to the patient. Everytime the reminder puts on, Alexa waits for few seconds and repeats the question till it is confirmed of the intake. Once the patient confirms , it updates the medicine roster and waits for the next reminder. If the patient asks again about the same medicine after some time, Alexa checks the medicine roster and confirms about the intake. Lastly comes the most important feature. Real time health inspection with Alexa. The entire body will be connected with sensors for organs failure or disorder. Any such problem if anticipated, it triggers a function that call the lambda function to invoke - "Alexa wants to confirm , if you are ok ? " This excercise return a positive context only if there is a continued conversation with the patient. Any irregularities will guide for a quick 911 call through an automated lambda function.

Challenges that I am still facing

I am updating the dataset with kind of the question. This App is now a passion for to solve for the caregivers and people who suffer from Dementia. I need more time to build this pproperly. Requesting an extension of a week to prove my work. This skill will definitely change the use of Alexa.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I researched on Dementia, the cases and did a PMR with caregivers who feel that this solution is a definitely neccessity.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about Dementia and how care could be provided with digital and in person care to help their lives a little easier.

Taking HelpCare to the world and trying to add values to the caregiving

I want to build the entire usecase and present it to the judge. And then i want this to go to the investors who will make investements on the concept of connected voice for Health. I hope the judges do like this noble cause and give me an opportunity to prove this amazing care that we discussed.

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