Project Name : HelpAid

Team Member:Tabia Tanzin Prama

About 16 million people in Bangladesh are included in disability category, which is more than 10% of population. It is impossible to develop our country by considering a large number of people as a burden of our society. Even, institutional education for the disabled is not easily available in our country. Although there are various facilities for the disabled in the government, they are still lagging in education. The main reason is not being able to go to school or college easily. Because school colleges in Bangladesh are not disability friendly. Due to this, students with disabilities gradually drop out till higher secondary. So our main goal is to build accessible education and medical care for the disabled. Since most people nowadays have smart phones, based on this, we want to launch an app-based and website-based online education system for disabled , where a disabled student can study at home via mobile. They can also order their basic necessary things like reading items (e.g. Braille books), for move around (e.g. wheelchairs). In this platform they can take education by choosing their classes. And able to verify through online tests. These educational activities will be provided in the most enjoyable way as our selected teachers will take classes with their skills and excellences . In this education system , there are low cost or in some cases completely free education activities for financially indigent people . Here also has various competitions, they will be able to take in various extracurricular activities. By taking technical education, they will be able to become self-reliant and creative . We will provide them with world-class technical education which will be abled to go beyond the normal people in the society by reviving their various latent talents. A disabled person lives in society with many obstacles, so it is hard from them to have positive hope about life. They start losing interest in living, became frustrated and surrounded themselves with depression. So they need motivation and counseling to solve this problem.we will be provided on this platform at affordable price through reputed doctors. This platform offers courses of different prices which anyone can enroll and get the services. The service recipients have to pay a specified fee. For those who are financially indigent, there are various discounts, in some cases, completely free. There is a charity system, if a person wants to help a disabled student to study or someone's sponsorship. We will make arrangements to connect directly with those disabled students, so that the donor can donate to a disable student by verifying himself. This way, both the donor and the recipient will be satisfied. We believe that it is possible to improve the lives of thousands of disabled students by providing opportunities through this platform. There are a posting arrangements where any student can post for their need and donor can post about their donation . Even someone can post someone's old wheelchair that he doesn't need, at a low price or for free. we are trying to make a disabled person self-reliant through this platform . The platform also has access to the services of doctors (such as physiologists, psychiatrists) for disabled patients , and will be able to communicate with them for a variety of needs. In brief they will be able to get education in an easy way, resulting, they will be able to develop themselves as a complete person in the society by receiving best physical and mental services. Our belief that he will not be a burden to his family and will be transformed into a human resource for the family, society and country.

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