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There are many charitable organisations working for the betterment of the society. Many are small scale and some are just not connected to the world of internet.There are diffrent types of NGO and charitable organisation each working for diffrent cause but they all have one goal in common that is to serve the world we live.

At Help4All we are working to Unify all this charitable organisation and help them reach out faster and benefit the world. There are various problem we face n this world for instance Hunger,Malnutrition,Deforestation,Poverty,Social Evils and many more.

Our focus is to bring a platform to help all people around the globe to reach out to these NGOs and charitable organisations faster and help people and wildlife around them.Users could donate stuffs,Come up to volunteer,Report any ill doings and Report lost kids and pets and contact these organisations much faster.Being Transparent and User friendly is our aim.

We with our website wish to reach out as much people as possible.We wish users to support any cause they want to,help the needy reach faster and Give the world:- A FAR MORE BETTER REACH.

How it works

We have created a website to connect the people who want to donate money or things to help people and wildlife around us to the specific organisations near you who are connected to help the world. These organisation will take the donations and help out to reach the needy people and help the world.

The donor who want to donate money,food,clothes or any other products can submit their details to the organisation in this format

 Phone number
 quantity of item they want to donate or other details

Our form processor will get the list of the NGOs registered on our platform. These NGOs can be listed from the offices where they are registered, or they can themselves register on this website. For their registration, they would have to submit information like Name of organisation, Email address & areas in which they operate (their head offices. Their authenticity will be ensured by an OTP system and a survey.

When the donors send a donation request, these NGOs will be notified by that email with which they are registered on this website and can access all the information provided by the donor, including contact details, and can talk to them about the necessary arrangements required. After the donor has finalized the NGO to be helped, the donation status of the product you are donating turns from "Pending" to "Approved" so that other NGOs who are looking forward to contact can be informed the status of donation.

We have created a fine looking and simple user interface so as not to overcomplicate things for the user.

For security purposes, all orders are logged so that if there is any misleading information provided, like wrong phone/address/etc. are given to blame another person, then appropriate actions can be taken.

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