What happens when we just keep producing waste and doesn't come up with solution to solve it? Nature will start to lose its magic and will start turning into wasteland. In the future, I hope to study environmental engineering, and hopefully be apart of some invention to help reduce waste! Many of my friends doesn't care about how much plastic they use each day because they believe that one person won't matter. I wanted to create this program that hopefully can help people realize the amount of impact they have and the power they each have to stop or slow down this process.

What it does

Right now we only have a title page and 2 different menu you can go in to. The start menu is game that let user pick up plastic and the Learn more menu is a life cycle of plastic picture.

How we built it

In python, we use pygame to make the experience more fun. We blited images, use randint function and defined our own function.

Challenges we ran into

At the start we had different conflict ideas on what we are making, and it took us a really long time to decide with something. Also some of us has not been coding for around a year so we didn't really know how to do any of these. We eventually started to lose interest in what we have made and decide to participate in other activities. In the end, I(VIcky) coded the rest of the program when I woke up at 7am. We went from a title page to 2 more page with different funcitons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to go back and forth between menu, because we had no idea how to do this before.

What we learned

We learned how to go back and forth between pages on pygame and many interesting fact on plastic.

What's next for Help Two O

Future when we are done: In this program we have a mini game that allows user to run around and pick up plastic to bring it in to a recycle stop and exchange it for money. By completing levels, the shop keep tracks of how much plastic they have pick up and what would have happened to the plastic if they didn't. This will raise there awareness of how each individual plastic matters. On the other hand, we have a information page that takes user through a quiz that teaches facts that many people do not know. Further on, I hope that we will eventually have a calender that allows user to input number of plastic and waste they have use and make a data over time. We would also have a plage page that help user make plages that reduce their plastic waste. Eventually we can hook this program up to a firebase or other software that allows use to put it on a website, and expand our target to more than plastic, such as Carbon Foot print, Trees and things we use in our daily life

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