I'm really interested in virtual reality and Global Archiact Jam give me a chance to hear feedback about my work. Basic idea is she lost her cats, let's find them!

What it does

You are walking in a virtual world with a Bluetooth controller, discover places and don't forget the main goal: try to find cats and send back to her with your wand.

How I built it

Using assets from the Internet and Unity Asset Store, I try to make them work together. I use my programmer skills to make it alive, connecting bits and bytes, hopefully the final game is fun.

Challenges I ran into

Controlling an actor using Cardboard SDK with Bluetooth controller on Android phone kind of challenging. I successfully built a 3D polygon based world with an awesome script, but I still had performance issues so I had to make some hard decision about objects and events in the game. Also I had to use some tricks to reduce motion sickness as much as I can.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Setup a virtual world by myself. I'm a programmer so working with design assets kinda challenging to me. Organise objects in a real scene is fun and also requires a lot of patience.

What I learned

Using several design patterns to be able to organise my code better and got a deeper understanding of Unity and its mobile optimisation.

What's next for Help to find cats

This is just a short experience, probably a start of something bigger, I'll see. But I don't think a long story would work well with mobile phone. Cardboard is good enough for short experiences but using it for hours is challenging. I could imagine a more complex game on PC or an even simpler version on mobile.

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posted an update

Google approved my game pretty fast, so feel free to download it, link is on the game page. This two weeks had a few long night but finally I could build a just good enough version in time, I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you and good luck for all the attendees!

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posted an update

New picture that shows a cat and your magic wand. That wand helps you to interact with the world, also your reference frame.

Besides gamepads I support tiny Bluetooth controllers. I got a Mocute branded remote stuff, Android thinks it's a joystick, so I'm handeling its events too.

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posted an update

I've just uploaded a video and a few screenshots of the game. It's a static scene yet with several objects, Cardboard and Bluetooth controller already work. Hopefully I'll make a big improvement during this weekend.

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