I've Heard Many Things About Myself My Some Secrets That Even I Don't Know About Some, Like Everything I Believe In, Started To Fade Away So I Start To Make Decisions On My Own Different Ways Of Considering Only The Good People In Every Sides.

What it does

I Then Came To Believe That Only God Can Judge Humans, Peace Is The Best Way Forward, Because It's Almost Everyone Looking For Truth, But The Reality Of The Matter Is, Almost Everyone Is Truthful When They're Sharing Those Thoughts Deep Down Their Hearts.......Thoughts That Weren't Means To Deceive No One!

Whatever Might Be Your Truth (Religiously, Culturally, Naturally)

The Same Truth Is Someone Else's False (Religiously, Culturally, Naturally)

E.g 1)In My Town Sokoto, Nigeria....People go to central mosques on Friday to pray to the almighty about our needs, we believe that, pork meat is prohibited, Our raining season lasted for 3 to 4 months.

In the same time zone the same territory In my second town of Ado-Ekiti People go to mosques on Friday and Sunday (to prevent their childrens from following their Christian counterparts to church) they believe that pork meat is accepted, Our raining season lasted for 9 to 10 months.

How we built it

By Considering Every Party Irrespective Of Believe Or Culture Or General Physical Appearance.

Challenges we ran into

Everyone Has A Story To Tell Just Review Your Challenges, While Growing Up.

What we learned

We Not Part Of This At All We Are Under Developed.

What's next for Help Them

We've To Help Them Own Their Lives Back, In Peace.

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