Our hack was inspired by our desire to put less effort into contacting others. The idea of a hack that enabled us to put less effort into calling the police was appealing because calling the police is typically a situation in which we put the most effort into.

What It Does

Our hack makes safety more easily accessible. In certain scenarios calling the police is not always a possibility. A combination of amazon cloud and android voice recognition APIs makes the community safer. Calling the police has never been as quick, as efficient, or as easy. Family members and friends are also texted a custom warning with the last recorded location on your mobile device. The location of crimes are then uploaded to amazon cloud in order to aid police in finding locations where crime is likely to occur.

How We Built It

We split the project into multiple sub-projects. Those sub-projects included: a voice recognition project, a sms and phone calling project, a front end project, and an amazon cloud project. After those sub-projects were completed the final project was finished as a combination of those sub-projects.

Challenges We Ran Into

We struggled to incorporate hardware components of our hack. We originally planned to use the pebble smart watch, but voice recognition with android API rather than pebble API proved to be more feasible. We also struggled to combine amazon cloud with both the sms and phone calling projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using voice recognition and relatively simple APIs we were able to produce a hack that we genuinely feel is useful to communities all across the globe. Crime exists in all areas, so creating something that could potentially mitigate the effects of a world wide problem is something that we are proud of.

What We Learned

We not only learned about the APIs that we used, we also learned about how to split up a project efficiently. How to work together as a team, how to help each other as a team, and how to use our time in the most efficient way possible.

What's Next For Help

We plan on adding additional features to enhance Help!. We currently have not yet implemented the ability to import contacts, leave a voice message for the police, and we also hope to improve our user interface.

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