Actually there are a lot of panic button services which alert contacts or authorities. In a world where we are all connected, we thought; why don't get help from the people nearest you? We think that a service like ours is totally necessary. When there is an emergency, every second is vital

What it does

Help ME is born to help those around you. A first level service by people who can solve your problem. The idea is born with the premise that in a compromised situation you can be helped by someone close to you. Many times the problem is solved by the person but if not, their additional presence can save a life.

How we built it

The project would not have gone ahead if it were not for the organization of the tasks and the total complementary profiles of the team. From the beginning, we distributed the tasks with a SCRUM method and started working. With a person totally focused on the backend, with two app developers that built the technical part. On the other hand an artistic profile with knowledge about sales and marketing developed the idea, aesthetics and viability of the project

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was the constant fight against the 32 hours limit time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A MVP in android fully functional with a fantastic state of art. A product that allows us to validate the idea with real users and confirm if the need is present in society.

What's next for Help Me

We are very happy with the result of the project thanks to this hackathon. We look at Help Me as a small project which we would like to complete in a near future. In the short term, the first objective is to incorporate all the needs that we have detected. Finally we would like to complete the project with the possibility of multiplatform as many applications offer.

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