"Help me out" is a mobile application that helps you when you need it the most. Using your mobile phone you can easily request personalized assistance with just a few taps in the screen. Do you remember the phone number of your insurance company? Do you know what steps you need to follow to report an incident?. Don't worry, "Help me out" does that for you. It knows where you are, it knows who to contact and it provides that assistant you need in the moment you need it.

The solution consists on a native iOS application that uses Heroku as a proxy to connect to Salesorce.com. A Case in the Salesforce.com Service Cloud is created automatically when the Mobile User taps on the screen. Case is automatically followed up. Service agents in the backoffice can geograpically track your Case in a dynamic map and mobile users receive notifications and personalized guidance until case is closed.

This is a Customer Centered/Focused/Obssesed/Oriented app. Welcome to the Internet of Customers!!

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