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HelpMe is a platform where you can ask for help. Your help request is displayed on the map. Anyone can see your request for help as a web page . You may add your contact information by which someone can contact you.

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In the post pandemic world, a lot of people will need help to recover from it. The idea is to create Social Responsibility over Social media.

A platform where people are encouraged to ask for help. There are many use case for such a platform.

Current Features➖

  • People can see who needs help near their location - Map based feeds
  • You can send a help request - Send help request
  • Login and Logout - Auth
  • Delete your help request -
  • You can use Rich Text to add as much information that you would like to give

Upcoming / future features and ideas:

  • Complete CRUD features with the post
  • A more robust authentication feature
  • Peer to Peer send help request
  • Reward points / Leaderboard for helping someone

Why there should be HelpMe in the first place ? ( Does the world need another app or another platform )

The people perspective is likely to change after a pandemic. The need of the world is that people become more open for help and helping others.

The status game on social media is large and other platform such as donations platforms does a lot to a small section of society after the causes has happened.

Some Use cases Of Help Me ( relevant to present state of HelpMe platform)

  • Organising a Cleanliness drive in a area
  • Posting about how you are having frequent Electricity shortages
  • Finding someone or missing information about someone
  • Asking for medical or financial help and posting about it
  • Precise details about the location of the post being send from so that people can not send trolls , also email can be used to block the user
  • Startup needing help with something
  • Road blockage
  • ... many more

If I have to summarise what is help me is one sentence it would be

Listing website where you asking for Help

This is the current state of helpMe . In the future i can do a lot more. Add features such as peer to peer help system. Sometimes money is not the only way to send help. Specially in a country like india where the youth population is huge and willing to contribute to a good cause. Mostly the good cause is superimposed

Tech behind HelpMe

  • Backend Powered by Graphs - Neo4j and Graphql
  • Frontend Powered by Maps - leaflet library and React
  • Text editor - react quill
  • Markdown / html rendering by - react -markdown
  • UI library - Material UI by google
  • Starter - GRANDstack starter

GitHub Repo =

Challenges and Experience with Neo4j

I was not familiar with graph databases. I have not even used neo4j before. I was familiar with Graphql , React and Web development. I am a biomedical science student

I have to say that i was in the development mode after a day of learning neo4j and watching Hands on with Grandstack with William. I must say William is a great teacher and his explanation were great. Only feedback that i can give was to make the videos small and precise ( since they were twitch streams .. i think that's why). But i was fun to see how he things will data modelling

I also watch the video of migration to the neo4j graphql library that was also a bit of help.

I also got help from the discord server where Alex helped with the Cypher queries. He told me to make an Index for optimization that i didn't knew. I still have to Learn Cypher at least to intermediate level.

Sandbox feature of Neo4j is really great. Filled with example. One recommendation would be to add more algorithm examples The movie recommendation is great. But i went through the documentation of neo4j data science and i think there are a lot of good graph algorithms in neo4j which can be implemented better.

Graph data modelling was a bit hard for me, since i am not used to it.

Neo4j is a great database. It is scalable, developer friendly and I think the learning curve is progressing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a idea with is scalable and someway appeals to a larger audience. I don't know if i have done this or not. But I asked a lot of friends and family about it. They were mostly positive and said they would like something like this, still had their doubts if it will become a thing or not.

Well, end of the day, I think if people find my solution even a bit good or positive. It's a win for HelpMe.

I am hopeful about helpme and the technology which it is built on. I think it can scale.

What we learned and what i could have done more

I should ask more for help on discord.

Maybe I can fit to the timeline a bit more since that is important as well.

What's next for Help Me

The end goal would be to create an ecosystem around helping people. I would love to add NGOs and institutions like hospitals, government official so that they can help people in an organised way.

For now, I will release it on a domain name in a month or two. I have to add a better login system

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