When we were in Toronto and San Francisco, we saw many homeless people who were sleeping on side streets. They need help from others but it is hard to find them sometimes. Meanwhile, there are also some homeless animals which can not get help easily since they may be afraid of people and it is hard to help them.

What it does

The app can allow users to add location of homeless people and animals.

How we built it

Used Django to create API and used Google Cloud to host. Then use React to interact with API with Google Map

Challenges we ran into

It is hard to deploy website and API. Meanwhile, it is difficult to collaborate with each other when we have different background knowledge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The API is running successfully online.

What I learned

Nothing is impossible.

What's next for Help Locator

To identity what homeless people and animals need with AI. Interact with street cameras or monitor if possible.

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