Edited on 28/08/2020: Added R+ Analytics for problem solving


Our Help Integrate Africa (with R+ Analytics) can make a difference to (people of Africa) that is your self, your family and society

What it does

Help Integrate Africa makes a difference in the lives of emerging number of surveyed people A Surveyed Data Integrator (SDI) can change life of people It can augment and procreate lifetimes.

How I built it

I have used the Wix platform to develop the SDI framework

Challenges I ran into

The SDI framework needed to be specific for Problem solving, Remedial involvement and Transformation The R+ Analytics can help Maternal care, Tele-medicine, data science for healthcare and strategic defense against pandemics

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the Cognition myriad can help (1) A congregation of positive influences (2) Social performance Teams (3) Problem solving, Remedial involvement and Transformation (PRT) Counselling (4) Difference To Society (D2S) Programmes or Projects

What I learned

The Cognition myriad has to enable or help (1) Horizontal integration (2) Vertical integration (3) End to End Holistic integration of the (a) Vision to improve learning, cognition and quality in people's lives (b) Condition monitoring and (3) Augmentation of Social Performance and D2S programmes or projects

What's next for Help Integrate Africa

Take up each of the life cycles that is Basic, Managed, Adaptive and Autonomic integrations for Cognitive Health (with R+ Analytics), Cognitive Literacy (Education) and SMART agricultural systems

Develop the framework via a proof of concept URL: www.venkataoec.wixsite.com/helpintegrateafrica

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