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We already leave the Updates on the Project Description. But, for more info, here they are:

Updates since the regional winners were announced

Implemented a Web Application

We created a Web Application that allows to show all the locations reported from a MongoDB Database. For doing that we did the following tasks:

  • Integrated Customer Chat Plugin for Facebook Messenger
  • Created an Express Application
  • Implemented a View Engine (Handlebars)
  • Implemented Google Maps API

Migrated from a in memory database

We migrated our database from a in "memory base" to a non relational database (MongoDB). We implemented the mLab online service that provide a Free MongoDB Database.

  • Generate Schemas
  • Creation of Script for Inserts and Deletions
  • Implement MongoDB NPM Dependency

Static Maps on Bot

To improve the helping process, we changed Google Maps links for a "static image" map. In this way we can show some locations near by the location reported. To accomplish that we chose MapQuest (basically because it is free, and Gmap not)

Posts on Facebook Page

We also implemented the FB Graphic API to post on our Facebook Page when a user report a location. Hence, every user who follow our page will see reporting updates.

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