We were inspired by the Outdoor theme and immediately thought that an application for National Parks, where many people hike and camp, could be very useful. We envisioned an app that would allow visiting groups to remain safe in case they got lost or need assistance.

What it does

Our app allows users to form and join groups when they travel to National Parks, and locate each other if they get lost. This is done through GPS tracking and users can view each member of their group on a map. Additionally, users are able to release SOS signals with messages that can be seen by members of their group and Park Rangers. Park Rangers have a unique login that allows them to see all users, and locate and assist those that launch an SOS signal.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Java to build our Android app. Additionally, we used Firebase to store groups, users, location data, and SOS signal. GPS information is pulled automatically from the device and tracks movement dynamically. The Google Maps API is featured within the app as a way to display the location information with each Flag indicating a user and Red Flags indicating an SOS signal. Groups can be created or joined from the launch page, which was designed in XML, using a 4 digit integer which is passed and checked against our Firebase database.

What we learned

We all learned how to develop an Android app in Android Studio and Java. Only one team member had experience in either, and we were able to learn the fundamentals of Android Studio and Java.

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