To build an Apple Watch app and use one of the sponsors services.

How it works

On your iPhone you setup the app. Enter the emergency number to text and any additional friends or family you want to notify. If you ever get into a situation where you need help and can't get to your phone you launch the watch app. There are 2 buttons, an emergency button and a need assistance button. The emergency button will text the emergency number and all your additional contacts. The need assistance button will only text your additional contacts. When you tap the button it wakes up the iPhone app, grabs your location and sends a text message to the contacts. The text message contains your name, approximate street address and approximate latitude and longitude. After your contacts get the text they can call you and you can answer on the watch.

Challenges I ran into

The two big challenges were trying to get an accurate location and making sure the watch app communicated correctly with the phone app. The watch is still really on what can be done with the SDK. Once Apple releases the full app SDK and you can get real time data from heart rate sensor I will be able to do more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Complete an app in half a day that has the potential to help individuals get help when they can't reach a phone.

What I learned

How the Apple watch communicates with the iPhone. I also learned that you have to cut some corners to get a project done in half a day.

What's next for Help - Emergency Notifier

  • Add heart rate monitoring. Send your latest heart rate in the text.
  • If the watch detects a heart beat and you haven't moved in a while it would automatically notify contacts.
  • If accelerometers in the watch/phone detect a sudden movement (eg. fall, car crash) it would notify contacts.
  • After the initial notification goes out it continues to send update texts with your heart rate and location if the accuracy improves.

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