From the recent Sonoma Fires, Ryan (our team lead) discovered that volunteers within his Alumni network are willing to help. He sent an email via listserv to 10K alumni with 2 Google forms, returned 230 offers of assistance and 120 offers of temporary housing for 10 displaced alumni

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What it does

Leverage smart phones and smart watches via Help Emerge’s chatbot embedded in widely adopted social messaging platforms to match who is in need with who can offer assistance at population scale.

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How we built it

We used (DialogFlow) to create our conversational flow, presented through Facebook messenger (front end) and Firebase was used to store the volunteer response data (on food and shelter). We also used BetterDoctor API to get a list of doctors around a given zip code.

Challenges we ran into

To create a working prototype in 24 hours (but we did IT)!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a live prototype as well as our super cohesive team that compliment each others skills!

What's next for Help Emerge

We will integrate pharmacy dispensary features (as many state pharmacy boards instituted a disaster protocol that allows pharmacists to dispense medicines without prescriptions). We hope to expand further to integrate accelerometer data for identification of strokes, AMI, trauma at the site of disaster and elsewhere.

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