An app that helps people locate local shelters, community kitchens and other needed resources. Connecting people who want to donate/give, people who want to volunteer to deliver it and also anyone in need.


In India, millions of people live on daily wages and have moved for work from their native villages.Due to the impact of COVID-19 and lockdowns.These people are left at stray without shelter and food.Our App helps to connect people who are willing to donate and have extra,to volunteers and to the people in need.


  • Help general public and people in the time of need
  • The idea to impact and make a good change



How we built it

  • We used node.js for our backend along with MongoDB used to store user data and manage sessions.The app is hosted on Heroku
  • We are using React.js for our Frontend with KendoUI Components and hosted using Netlify
  • Azure Translation API - Cognitive Services to translate the results into multiple Indian Languages.
  • We used Fiddler everywhere to test our APIs

Accomplishments we are proud of

  • How the final website came about.
  • How this website has great possibilities to add value for millions of Indians.

Tech Stack

Tech STack

Kendo UI Components Used

Try it out

Demo Link - Click here

Created by

Abhay R Patel Rishav Raj Jain

Built With

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