We made an all-in-one study app to help students stay focused, and easily set goals and reminders for themselves. With the increasing amount of schoolwork and pressure, our app takes care of helping students organize their daily workload through the use AlanAI, a powerful voice assistant that takes care of creating reminders, events, and tasks.


AlanAI allows users to navigate, access, and use features in Grit

  • Timeline: Helps students organize their day at a glance
  • Calendar: Easily organize their weekly/monthly schedule
  • Meditate: Chill vibes when you want to relax
  • Music: Study bops to listen to when cramming
  • Reminders: Set up small tasks for yourself
  • Notes: Place to jot down notes so you don't forget anything


We used Jira and a Kanban board to organize our project workflow. Our original design and ideation process was done using Figma. We designed features using React Native and Typescript. Our database uses MongoDB Atlas and it's hosted on the Google Cloud!


We had to learn how to use AlanAI, a technology we were unfamiliar with. Another challenge we ran into was the scope of the project - how many use cases did we want to add, how could we build this for students to study better, etc. We were very ambitious with the features we wanted to implement, but didn't have the time to add everything we wanted. Because of this, some features had to be cut from this version of our app.

Nevertheless, we hosted meetings, peer-programmed and persevered. Through each debugging session, we were one step closer to creating the business viable product we hoped to make. We're most proud of the process we took to get to this point.


We walked into this hackathon wanting to program for social good and we did it! :) We walked into this hackathon not knowing Typescript and we made our ENTIRE project using Typescript! :) We walked into this hackathon with our heads held high, and we're walking out with them high! :)


From AlanAI and React, to Jira and teamwork, all of us gained a ton of knowledge at Hackville. Although we had some struggles, we knew that all of us shared an equal passion and used those struggles to learn and grow. Programming's a constant learning path and we hope to continue our voyage.


Built as a React Native web/mobile app, we hope to polish our use cases and functionalities to make it a more enjoyable experience! We also want to finish testing 'Study Notes' and 'Reminders'. We want to heavily improve UI/UX of the app and make it more visually appealing to one's eye. With these improvements, we hope to open our app to the public as a viable mobile app to make lives easier and more convenient for nearly all students!

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