Our chosen topic, violence against Indigenous women and girls, would be solved with a variety of products that can act upon the situation, inform and grow for a global approach. It is important for us to inform others and society about this repulsive topic, which is not being greatly spread and acted upon on larger platforms. This presentation covers the principle subject matter while introducing the viewer to our products and how we will combat a few other issues unfortunately in Canada from the surplus of our product. In a country where certain problems are going to be present, Using our knowledge and skills is a must to help to solve these issues and spread as much awareness as possible.


As two young girls living in society, knowing that women and girls live in constant fear disgusted us. Spreading awareness and relieving anxiety for Indigenous Women and Girls was our main motive. This topic was not heavily discussed on mainstream media and as a result, the public is unaware of this event. Technology has evolved to the point that creating an app can impact multiple lives.

What it does

Our app allows the victim to send a discreet message to local authorities to access Help! Along with this, our app has self-defensive tactics, GPS tracking and other resources to help the victim return safely to shelter.

How we built it

During the creation of our two products, an app and a website, we learned the different types of coding languages and which one would fit our needs. Often, a website uses an https code which is offered through various websites. Although the physical act of coding for our website wasn’t used, our digital media skills needed to be strong. For the website, we need the information to create a credible platform for potential investments.

The creation of our app used a website that is a simulated Drag and Drop code. Due to the short period, we wanted to make our app through and filled with information. Focusing on the code portion would just improve the graphical aspects, which wasn’t important for the app. AppyPie was the resource we used for the completion of the app. Currently, the app is testable for Apple and Android devices but has some restrictions. For ios platforms, you would need to download Test Flight and Apply Test Lab, enter the email shown in our video demonstration and the app would be downloaded. Currently, for demonstration purposes, we didn't link 911 on the app so no accidental calls occurred.

Challenges we ran into

Over this weekend, we faced many challenges, the app continuously deleted our information. We found we constantly had to rewrite our information onto the app. We fixed this situation by remaining calm and being patient with the app; this worked out in the end. Time management was also another problem we faced. We found that we were reaching close to time to submit. We faced this challenge by remaining focused and breaking down what we had left to do in different topics for each of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For both of us, creating an app was a first-time project. Having a functional yet aesthetically pleasing app was very excited for both of us. We also managed our time effectively giving us time to add extra features to the website. The workshops also helped improve our computer coding skills.

What we learned

We learned how to use drag and drop to create an app, some skills with python, how to make a pitch and how to manage my time properly. We also learned how to create a website and how to create a credible platform with various investment skills.

What's next for Help!

On our own, providing every woman on reserves with a cellphone isn’t achievable. After the hackathon, we would publish it for android and ios devices. We would also continue to promote Help! on the GoFundMe page and get more donations to eventually start this product. If we receive a lot of donations, we will be able to give back to the community with their own devices for them to be educated and stop the problem in Canada of lack of education and poverty.

Built With

  • draganddrop
  • https
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