UPDATE: meanwhile we have a working mobile prototype

Last week one of my clients asked me to build him a customizable web chat for his WooCommerce site. We checked available options but there seems to be no solution that's really adjustable. So I wanted to create the chat system myself. And then I just learned about this CX hackathon 4 days ago and the truly amazing thought came to my mind: why not build something better together with friends. Not just a text chat, but: also a video chat!!! How awesome is this??? With some cool additional features. And even more stuff ... #craaaaazy

What it does

HelloYou helps web sites owners (or chat operators for bigger websites) to interact quickly with their audience. It also helps clients to find products they like quicker and get immediate feedback. We also plan on having a mobile app so chat operators can connect to their audience easily even without sitting in front of a computer.

Other use cases we are going to cover soon:

  • payed one on one online learning and consulting (learning, health). While the internet is a great resource for almost everything, sometimes you are a lot quicker by just asking the right person. We believe people would pay some money to get access to special knowledge in a short time, because it will give them more time to work on other important things than looking up tons of webpages until they find a solution. And time = money. On the other hand people good at something are mostly willing to share their knowledge. Esp when earning money doing so. We try to make the process very easy (tell when are you available, payment, handling etc)
  • guided repair (remote) with AR

How we built it

With true love. We started from zero and used nodeJS, react (TypeScript), javascript for frontend, Data Grid and other things

Challenges we ran into

a lot of them: webrtc, websockets, support mobile, learning the openshift platform ... all in a few days

Accomplishments that we are proud of

it works! ;-)

What we learned

a lot ... realtime communication is hard, procrastination is easy ... and other helpful stuff

What's next for HelloYou

allow multiple chat operators for a single domain

use a neural network for better "single click answer suggestions" for chat operators

direct VOIP calling so phone rings without opening the native mobile app

finish the app and find more clients

allow operator -> client interactions (e.g. put recommended products in clients shopping bag, show products, mark points of interest in clients 3d space with AR)

dress up: clients can send a picture and operators send back a dress suggestion (supported by an ai, so the effort is minimal for the operator)

payment integration so operators can ask for money in exchange for their advice / time (eg doctors)

another use-case for the technology we want to follow: build an online and mobile platform for real-time knowledge exchange

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