A desire to improve the overall UX for climbers at the purdue climbing gym

What it does

This app is supposed to accept authentification via google for users to access routes at the purdue climbing and submit a difficulty rating, since the rating system at the gym is god awful

How we built it

we used android studio to generate activities in a mixture of kotlin (accidentally) and java. We then used google firebase to create database and implemented that infrastructure into our activities in an attempt to fetch and store data from said database

Challenges we ran into

firebase uses asynchronus functions and in pure java (not javascript) these were extremely difficult to properly implement in the way that we needed, maybe impossible.

We also ran into problems properly setting up google authentification.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

although we had trouble accessing it within our program, we created a functioning database that was scalable and followed our desired logic paths

What we learned

A lot about the workings of Android Studio

we were forced to learn some basic kotlin along the way

we got to learn a little bit about asynchronous programming, and which languages benefit that

What's next for Route Rater

We hope to get our methods for databse implentation working

Built With

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