We wanted to do something that was beneficial to our society. The amount of dead animals near the sidewalks and freeways, fallen trees and other disasters were increasing over the months.

What it does

It is an html web-app that allows us to take pictures of the problem, or upload a picture of the problem to the web-app. We then pinpoint the approximate location of where the incident occurred, and it gets databased and reported to the appropriate party to come deal with it properly.

How I built it

We used html and tried to make it look like a web-app that was legitimate, with the ability to actually take and upload pictures into the database, which then gets reported to the suitable group to deal with the issue respectively.

Challenges I ran into

Sometimes the code didn't do exactly what we wanted it to do, for example, we wanted the highlight of the words to have an opacity against the background, but it took us a long while until we got the right code for it to work. We also had issues with actually making the web-app be capable of databasing the pictures we sent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a working html web-app that could potentially be the cause of a better society, with the capability to resolve daily issues in the community in a simple way, without the struggle to find someone apt to deal with it.

What I learned

Our ideas can go a long ways, and could be the future of today, if we really put our mind to it. Ways to make the society a better place has been a main issue in today's world, as many have already struggled to fix it and failed. If our ideas make sense and can be distributed appropriately, we can make a difference in our community and fix these daily issues that fall upon our path.

What's next for HelloWorld.

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