So many people have a lot of pent up frustration and want to vent. We wanted to build an app to relieve stress, while simultaneously being fun.

What it does?

Tracks your score and allows you to gain levels. Levels 1-6 give you a new unique sprite to choose from, and level 10 gives you a special Purdue specific surprise.


We used flutter on android studio to create the project, and the language we used was the java version of flutter.


The major problem with the project was implementing firebase to store and retrieve data.

Proud of?

We are very happy about the sprite aspect of the app because it allows the user to feel accomplished for ranting.


We learned how to code in flutter, none of us knew flutter going into the hackathon, and now we understand how to create widgets and customize gui.

What's next for Void Therapy?

we hope to fix up some bugs and settings to make the gui more compatible for all devices.

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