Inspiration - I was inspired to create HelloFutureDAO because of the work I do with HelloFutureBuzz on Twitter Spaces. I'm committed to the community and wanted to find a way to advance the Hedera Community into a permanent organization. A DAO seems the perfect way to pioneer that goal.

What it does - This project built, HelloFutureMuseum, a platform for safe, trusted NFT Charity Auctions with verified NFTs creators. We also will provide personalized attention to help various Charities get HBAR wallets.

How we built it - we built it on the testnet of Hedera, and used Solidity Smart Contracts 2.0

Challenges we ran into - The main challenge was minting the $Hello Token as I never did that before so I reached out to Justin Atwell of Hedera for guidance. From the beginning my team member understood my vision and executed it with precision.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - the implementation of "Automatic monthly charitable donations" via Solidity Smart Contracts 2.0.

What we learned - We learned to relax and smile along the way, to take joy in a vision coming into reality. It's been great from the jump.

What's next for HelloFutureDAO - Now that the HelloFutureMuseum marketplace is built and the tokens work great, we need to expand into the Metaverse aspect of the Museum. The goal is to auto display the works in the marketplace into the Museum in the Metaverse so the DAO members can have the experience of community viewing the art and then go bid on the auction to benefit Charity.

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posted an update

I wanted to thank all the JUDGES for doing this massive amount of work going through all the submissions. As I was reflecting on our submission, I remembered a Twitter Space @hellofuturebuzz did this past January with Dr. Leemon Baird. This was our inspiration to do the Smart Contract we submitted to the Hackathon. Automatic Monthly Charitable Giving. NFTs are changing the way we give to Charity!

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