The idea came about when brainstorming about the advantages of using a telegram bot over a mobile application. As telegram bots utilize telegram chats to interact with users, we figured that we could implement a bot that could act as a friend to our users.

What it does

The bot periodically asks about the user's day at the end of the day and responds with appropriate motivational quotes according to the response. The user is then encouraged to share their story anonymously with others through the bot, where they would be able to get others to listen about their day and hear their encouraging responses and vice versa.

How we built it

We built it using replit and the pyTelegramBotAPI

Challenges we ran into

Learning the API and how to build a telegram bot from scratch as none of us had prior experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to implement most of the features we set out to build at the end of the hackathon with room for expansion in the future. We've managed to create a bot that we would want to use ourselves and is excited about.

What we learned

Coordination between team members to efficiently tackle tasks within a short amount of time is important. We also learnt to keep a level-head while debugging and to not give up.

What's next for halloFriendBot

Possibly expanding towards connecting users through after the share and respond features to forge real and encouraging friendships.

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